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Rigid PVC sheet

General Characteristics
Rigid sheets have special qualities for a variety of applications, making them useful for the electronics industry and photo albums as well as food stuffs packaging and blister packing materials.

-Non- toxic approved by japan Hygienic PVC Association, BGA of Germany
-Anti-static treated
-High-impact resistance
- High-impact resistance in low temp.
-U/V resistant
-Excellent formability
Standard: 0.07mm~0.7mm?54
-Calendered type ; 0.07mm?54
-Extruded type ; 0.045mm?95mm~610mm
-Sheets can be cut or slit to size according to customers specifications.

Pharmaceutical & Foodstuffs Packaging
Our rigid PVC sheets are supplied to LG Chemical Co.,Ltd. on an OEM basis and the products have been certified to KZ Grade by the Japan Hygienic PVC Association and by BGA in Germany for medicine and food packaging.
-BGA Reg. No.2560087
-JHP Reg. No.2-3143

General Forming
Excellent formability into all kinds of shapes by taking advantage of this property and according to needs, the material can be used for products requiring high-impact resistance, non-whitening products and silicone-coated products.
-Vacuum formability
-General formability
-Folding treatment

Easy to print on in such modes as gravure, silk-screen and off-set, and therefore can be used for labels, stickers, credit cards and advertising boards.
- Stickers
- Credit cards
- Advertising boards

PVC Sheets feature a range of patterns making  them ideal for use as artificial flowers, Christmas tree and interior decoration.
- Artificial flowers
- Interior decoration

The sheets find special industrial applications in cooling towers, pipe insulation, and waste  water treatment.
- Cooling towers     
- pipe insulation       
- waste water treatment

Speciality uses include subway tickets, telephone cards, playing cards, name plates, speaker-grills, high-temperature resistant sheets, and flocking sheets.

Photo album- PVC Flexible Colored Film(DF): Calendered Type

1. Characteristics
Excellent whiteness, good  workability, weldability and physical properties
2. Specification
Thickness : 0.07mm~0.10mm
Width : 36~54(1372mm)
Roll length : 150m~200m
Packing : Each roll wrapped with kraft paper and packaged in a carton

Photo album ? PVC Rigid Transparent Film(RTF) : Extruded Type

1. Characteristics
Outstanding transparency, good workability, weldability and competitive price
2. Specification
Roll length:800m(400 x 2ply),1,000m(500m x 2ply)
Packing: Each roll wrapped with kraft paper and packaged 2 or 4 rolls to a carton

Can be used for stationery on account of its excellent transparency, splendid colors and various embossings.
-Formability: Pencil cases, cassette cases.
-Welding: Photo albums
-Book binding rings
-Sheet protectors
Besides these applications our PVC sheets find a host of other uses as diverse as egg- packaging and collar retainers in the packing of new shirts.

Flexible Sheet
Our flexible PVC sheet is used for stationery, bags, covers, toys
and other applications.




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