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RF(Radio Frequency) of FM 315Mhz

Adoptation of RF instead of infrared rays allows consumers to use this cute mouse regardless of location and direction. In addition, transmission speed of KTEC mouse is far more faster than any other products of 27Mhz.


Longer Life Span of Sensor

We guarantee semi-permanent life of sensor as our products sense only for 28/1,000,000 second, white the others sense virtually full time.


Zooming Function

You can enlarge or reduce the display on the fly for viewing line text or high resolution graphics by simply using scroll with Ctrl key being pushed.


Advanced Wheel Scroll Mode

Windows 95, 98, ME, and 2000 applications work with scroll mode with amazing efficiency.


Competitive Cost

KTEC adopts code division method (approx, 65,000 ID) instead of frequency division (max. 12 ID) and, therefore, inner circuit is uncomparatively simplied. The patented í░Code Division Systemí▒ allows KTEC to manufacture multi-featured product at very competitive cost.


Longer Life Span of Batteries

When mouse is not used, automatic setting of battery-saving-mode extends the life of batteries.


Clean Surface

The surface of the mouse is designed to be smooth for hygienic purpose and it does not discolour.


Easy Set-up

Just hook it up to PS/2 port, when computer is on of mode. Please use í░PS/2 compatible mouse portí▒ in Windows and no separate installation of drive is required.

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