40-63 A (3PH+N+PE) busbarIP40/55


Realized in conformity to the standards CEI EN 60439/2 with copper conductors appropriately insulated for all the length with a protective covering in plastic, self-extinguishing and insulating material.
The sheet casing of hot-galvanized steel sheet, according with the standard EN 10142, is the protection conductor (PE) and it guarantees a fair protection at the mechanics loads.
The degree of protection is IP 40 in conformity with the standards CEI EN 60529 raisable to IP 55 with some special joint cover and some plug point gasket fitted out of antiaging gasket garanting the inalterability of the seat.
The bar duct has to be completed with the various accessories of assembly and with the suspension bracket.

Straight lenght, as the above mentioned features with plug-in outlet every 750 mm. only on one side.
In those ducts, the mechanical junction, unconnected from the electrical junction, guarantees the continuity of the protection conductor.
End feed unit, is complete by the cable press and the clamps for 16 mm2 cables.
End cover, are fitted to the last element of the run to maintain the degree of protection (IP40 or IP55).
Tap-off plugs, completed by clamps suitable for cables up to 10 mm2. The body in self-extinguishing plastic material grants the good mechanical resistance and to the creeping current.
The tap-off plugs can be inserted and disconnected easily when they are alive; rating 32A with or without fuses (ик 10,3 x 38).
The opening of the tap-off box's cover has also the important function to section the load.