630 to 5000 A busbarIP55


Conformity to standards: the Zucchini Super Compact range is manufactured in accordance with national and international regulations as shown below:

  • CEI EN 60439/1
  • CEI EN 60439/2
  • IEC 439
  • IEC 529

The SC range has Conformity Certificates produced by the most prestigious international electro-technical organisations.
The SC external casing is in hot-galvanised steel sheet treated in accordance with EN 10142 regulations, it has a thickness of 1.5 mm and is shaped in such a way as to give excellent electro-mechanical characteristics and heat dissipation.
On request, version in hot-galvanised steel sheet are available, painted and/or with an aluminium frame.
The casing comprises four steel "C" - shaped profiles, assembled by means of crimping and riveting.
The frame is totally enclosed (without ventilation holes) and guarantees total safety against contact with live parts.
The Super Compact range has a standard protection rating of IP55 (IEC 529) and therefore resistant to the ingress of dust and water.
However, for outdoor installation it is advisable to install a cowl offering extra protection.

Conductor bars: the conductor bars have a rectangular section with rounded corners and are available in two versions:

  • Electrolytic copper ETP 99.9 UNI 5649/65
  • Aluminium AD 14 UNI 3570 galvanically plated along the entire surface

The conductors form an insulated sandwich construction and are fully insulated using a double sheath of Class "F" polyester insulation (0.19 mm thickness).
Jointing: the electrical and mechanical jointing of the trunking elements is achieved by a simple monobloc system; the monobloc joint is tightened using a double headed torque bolt which ensures that the required contact pressure on the conductors is maintained.
The correct torque setting is achieved when the outer head shears at a pre-set torque level (Cmax = 85 Nm).
The mechanical joint of the busbar trunking is completed by screwing into place the cover plates which guarantee the IP rating.
When the SC is installed as a double bar configuration (from 3000 A and above for copper conductors, and 2500 A for aluminium) the joint block joins in parallel the same phases in each casing thus balancing the current.
Trunking accessories: the Super Compact system offers a full range of trunking accessories including horizontal and vertical elbows, T-elements, double elbows, which gives total flexibility throughout a project.
Tap-off units: tap-off units are available as bolt-on units at the joints of the elements in ratings from 125 A to 1250 A; in either case the tap-offs can be supplied fitted with fuse switches or circuit breakers as required.
Tap-off units from 125 A to 400A ratings are also available as plug-in units which can be inserted and removed from the busbar while the system is live.
Suspension brackets: the suspension brackets clamp around the Super Compact frame and create an anchoring point on the bracket support (these latter ones may be supplied on request by Zucchini S.p.A.).
The maximum fixing distance for the Super Compact is 2 m; Zucchini recommends, in normal conditions, an optimum fixing distance of 1.5 m.
Special accessories (on request): special elements are available for connection to switchboards and transformers, complete with straps, flexible joints and protection boxes if needed.
When passing through walls a fire barrier is available for positioning outside the trunking in order to reinstate the fire-resistance of the wall.
Fire barriers are not required inside the casing as Super Compact has a sandwich configuration which prevents the circulation of air inside the casing and all plastic materials used are self-extinguishing and non fire-propagating.
The SC range also has all the accessories required for installation of vertical system for use as rising mains.