160 to 1000 A busbarIP40/55


Straight lenght: the enclosure is made from galvanised steel sheet formed to provide a rigid high strength profile.
Conductors are made from either electrolytic copper or aluminium that is tin plated along its entire length.
The shuttered outlet points are positioned at 500mm. spacing on alternate sides of the enclosure and are opened by the insertion of the tap-off box.
End feed box made from galvanised steel with painted covers, it is mounted at the beginning of the line.
The box is provided with an undrilled cable plate in aluminium.
Connection is made by means of stud terminals.
End feed box with switch: similar in construction to the end feed box, this unit has an on-load switch.
Centre feed box: this box can be positioned at any joint between busbar sections; cable connection is the same as the end feed box.
Trunking accessories: included in the system are horizontal elbows, vertical elbows, tees and fourway units which allow almost any route to be planned.
Hangers: two types of brackets permit the busbar trunking to be fixed to walls or ceilings.
A number of brackets are also available to satisfy every other requirement.
The installation of a fixing bracket every 3m. maximum is advised.
Section insulator: this unit will allow a trunking run to be split into two legs and comes complete with a switch.
Tap-off box 63125 A/250400 A: the tap-off box meets high safety standards; when the cover is open, the internal fuses are de-energised by a built-in off-load insulator which enables the fuses to be changed in complete safety.
Tap-off box (1251000 A) with fuseswitch: these tap-off boxes are used whenever the users on-load insulation is required.
End covers and accessories: for closing the line, with the proper accessories; IP40 or IP55 protection is achieved.