This is a "visible" wiring system which can be considered as the most innovative, economical and practical on the market; the particular care dedicated to design and colours combination make "MAGICO" a decorative element suitable for all applications.
Innovative: this is the only external wiring system with click-fit components: conductors - sockets - covers.
Economic: this visible system is the most ecnonomic because it avoids expensive breaking and building works; the insertion of cables in the raceway and the various electrical connections increase the costs connected with labour force.
MAGICO has solved this problem through conductors which are already inserted in the system.
Practical: the mobility of the sockets, which are easy to apply and move, allows any urgent situation to be faced and very high number of shunts to be placed in the smallest places and in unusual positions.
Safe: the high safety level of this system is guaranteed not only by the protection sheath on the live parts but also by the materials used; all live parts are produced with heath resistant material suitable for very high temperatures.
Design: thanks to the special rounded lines, reduced dimensions and colour combinations, the wiring system MAGICO con be described as definitely BEAUTIFUL!