25-40 A lighting busway (2 or 4 conductors)IP55


The lighting busbar trunking conforms to the CEI EN 60439/1 - 2 standards; the conductors are made of copper with a purity of not less than 99,9%, they are insulated along their entire length by a self extinguishing sheath.
The casing is made of hot dipped galvanized steel (according to EN 10142) with a minimum thickness of 0,6mm, forming a rigid structure which also serves as the protective conductor (PE); the standard degree of protection is IP55.
Due to the rigidity of the installed system (including straight lengths, end feed units and flexible joints) the system can tolerate possible over currents of 1.4 times higher than the nominal current for a period of up to 15 minutes.
High mechanical loads such as the suspension of heavy luminaires, some misalignment of the busbar trunking or vibration of the run can also be tolerated.
The normal recommended fixing centre for the busbar trunking is 2 metres. However, because of the rigidity of the system it is possible to exceed 2 metre centres providing the mechanical loading on the busbar is taken into account; if in doubt please contact our Engineering Department.

Straight lenght, available in 3 m o 1,5 m lenghts; in addition to the features mentioned above the busbars have plug-in points at 1000 mm centres on one side of the trunking.
Elements with 6 plug-in points (every 500 mm.) are available on request; the standard degree of protection is IP55.
End feed unit, can be right and left according to the route of the line and is supplied only in IP 55 protection degree complete with cover press and clamps for cable of 25 mm2.
End cover, fitted to the last element of the run to maintain the degree of protection.
Flexible joint, enabling changes in direction of the run up to 180°.
Phase selection tap-off plugs, either fused or unfused, protection degree IP55 and with terminal suitable for cable up to 2,5 mm2; the body is manufactured using a self extinguishing high impact resistant plastic material which has excellent anti-tracking characteristics.
The plugs can be plugged-in or unplugged with the busbar live; they are available in rating of 16A with or whitout fuse.
Single phase prewired tap-off plugs, without fuse, IP55, with color phase identification key (L1 - N = gray / L2 - N = orange / L3 - N = blue) for 3PH+N circuits and (N3 - L3 = blue / N2 - L2 = black) for double single phase circuits.
The 1,5 m. wire used is 3 x 1,5 mm
2type FROR 450/750 grey.
All the system elements are available painted on specific request (colour and type of paint to be agreed on).



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