Ventilated Busbars from 630 to 5000 AIP30/31


Reference standards: the High Rating line of products by Zucchini complies with the following Italian and international standards:

  • CEI EN 17-13 1/2
  • CEI EN 60439-1/2
  • IEC 439-1/2

High Rating comes with certificates of conformity issued by the main international certifying bodies.

General features: the outer structure of the HR is made of hot zinc-plated sheet steel treated in compliance with EN 10142.
The casing is made up of two 2mm-thick C-shaped sections, and the upper and lower covering of the busbar is completed by a 1mm perforated metal sheet.
The presence of ventilation holes in the upper and lower covers ensures excellent heat dissipation.
Painted sheet metal is available on specific request (colour and type of paint to be agreed on).
The HR line comes with two types of protection, IP30 and IP31, in compliance with CEI EN 60529.
For outdoor installation it is advisable to provide a cowl for additional protection.

Busbars: busbars have a rectangular cross section with rounded edges and come in two versions:

  • AD 14 UNI 3570 aluminium ?entire surface tin-plated
  • ETP 99.9 UNI 5649/65 electrolytic copper

The construction technology used and the ratio of busbar height to thickness provide a large surface area to optimise heat dissipation.
The busbars are individually insulated by means of Class B (130 ”ĘC), insulating tape.
The taping of the busbar acts as additional insulation since the busbars themselves are over 15 mm apart, more than enough to withstand the applied voltage of 5 kV for one minute.
The standard installation orientation for the HR is with the perforated metal sheet parallel to the ground.
In this position, air circulates naturally around the conductors and dissipates the heat produced.
If for dimensions or other reasons, more than 60% of the line is installed on edge or vertically, the rated current of the busbar must be reduced by a factor of 0.9.

Connection: all the elements are connected electrically and mechanically by means of a monobloc system with bolts that can be tightened separately to ensure constant contact pressure on the busbar.
The bolts must be tightened with an 85 Nm torque spanner.
The elements are joined mechanically by means of upper and lower metal sheets that complete the joint and provide the rated degree of protection.

Run elements: horizontal and vertical angles, Tees and double angles are available to set up any type of run.

Branches: tap-off boxes are available from 125 A to 1250 A with disconnector switches (Cat. AC 23A to CEI EN 60947-3) and fuse holders, or with circuit breakers (type and make to be agreed on).
The tap-off boxes can be installed at any point of connection between the straight elements.
On the lid of the boxes is an operating handle that operates the switch and cuts off power to the box before the lid can be opened.
The metal parts inside the box are not live when the lid is open.

Suspension brackets: the High Rating structure is enclosed by suspension brackets that anchor it to the bracket holders (available optionally from Zucchini S.p.A.).
The maximum fixing distance for the High Rating is 2 metres; Under normal operating conditions, Zucchini recommends a distance of 1,5 metres between brackets.

Options: special elements are available for connecting to switchboards and transformers, complete with straps, flexible couplings and protective casings.
For through-wall runs, elements with fire barriers (REI 120) used to enhance the wall's degree of flame resistance are also available.