Hollow Bar distribution system



The great innovation by this unique system lies in the methods and means to add lines of compressed fluids.
The system is mainly composed of an extruded aluminium bar, which presents an external rectangular section with tee slots and an internal bore of large dimension to carry a considerable flow compressed air.
A wide selection of straight joints, T or L joints allows for airlines of whatever lenght and shape.
To complete the equipment we supply a number of outlet plates of various dimensions and shapes.
The whole system is pressuretight by means of O-Rings.
Compared to conventional systems, the following advantages stand out:

  • Fast installation
  • Possible additional outlets
  • Easy changes and new branches
  • Cleaning of both inner and outer surfaces of the system
  • Integrated modular system

HBS is a top quality product and certified by Quality Certificate nr. B 97 02 14506 004, issued by Technichen Überwachungs Vereine from Munich.