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This machine has been designed to assure the least consumption of energy so that the customers can accomplish the highest return on investment and the most cost effectiveness in operating the machine.

The structure of the machine has been designed to be simple and compact so that minimum space is needed for installation.

Photo coupler also has been adopted for the input and output of the controller to eliminate the contacts and to lengthen the operational life of the machine.  

    Injection Units

  • Injection process control(speed / pressure): 4 stages
  • Holding process control(speed / pressure): 3 stages
  • Charge process control stages (speed / pressure): 3 stages
  • Back pressure process control stages (speed / pressure): 1 stages
  • Back pressure remote control (proportional valve): option
  • Suck-back before charge process control(speed / pressure): 1 stage
  • Suck-back after charge process control(speed / pressure): 1 stage
  • Hi-speed injection mode(low pressure): option
  • Injection part position display
  • Screw RPM display
  • Holding selection
  • Cushion check & alarm
  • Cold screw prevention device
  • Weekly pre-heationg timer
  • Heating & control failure alarm
  • Heating volume (Wait mode)
  • Extended nozzle

    Clamping Units

  • Mold close & open process control: close: 5 stages, open: 4 stages
  • Ejector Forward & Backward process control: 2 stages
  • Mold part position display
  • Ejector part position display
  • Unscrewing device
  • Core pulling control(1 stage A/B/C/D)
  • Ejector vibration mode
  • Air ejector device
  • Automatic mold height adjustment mode
  • Automatic centralized lubrication & malfunction alarm for toggle
  • Alarm for excessive mold lock-up time
  • Mold protection alarm
  • Mold temperature control & display: option
  • Mold close & open safety time
  • Ejector on fly: option


  • Internal mold setting value memory: 60
  • Mold & setting value extended memory device: option
  • Alarm message & memorizing
  • Set value history memory
  • Central grease supply device: option
  • Oil level alarm: option
  • Oil temperature indicator
  • Robot attachment mount & interface circuit
  • Printer connection port(exclude printer cable)
  • Statistical processing function
  • Injection speed waveform display: option
  • Injection pressure waveform display: option
  • Multi language on line changeover display
  • I/O diagnostic display
  • PID/Manual SSR heating control
  • Machine mount pad
  • Safety guard electric, hydraulic & Mechanical
  • Operation oil temperature










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