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Electronic Components Control Technology System

Flow S/W

All sort of boiler , Instantneous water- heater by gas

This product is sensor of flowing water for all sort of boiler and instantaneous water-heater, it has been set in pipe formed flowing path and being to operate.
When opened valve, if a according to the sensing a signal it has been controlled the flow switch, go ON and according to the sensing a signal it has been controlled function for sensing of water.
Because it has been added the function for sensing of water, it can be used to the multiple-purpose.
It can be manufactured a vertical type or horizontal type suitable for contact position, and it can be controlled overall length.

-Reed Switch Type
-Photo TR Type
-Hall IC Type     
-Sensor type for flowing water and oil

Main material
-NYLON 66(G/F 30%) SUS304 etc

-Operating (?): ON 2.5?0.3,OFF 1.5?0.3
-Overall length(mm):93?0.5,70?0.5,65?0.5
-Maximum available pressure : 17.5kg/cm2
?Maximum voltage : AC300V, DC350V

Float S/W

Water tank, Oil tank, Automatic controller, Sprin-kler of agricultural chemicals, other industrial machine etc.

This level switch is capable of manufacture from minimum size to maximum size.
It has been made use of principal to operation the switch by using magnet gauss to the float. It can control the capacity by controlling the length of stem, and it can change switch to upper ON, lower Off, lower ON by controlling the position of switch and direction of magnet.

-Reed Switch Type
-Photo TR Type
-Hall IC Type     

Main material

-Coverage of temperature ; -40?C~120?C
-Maximum voltage of switch :AC300V,DC350V
-Maximum current of switch : 0.7A
-Contact capacity : 50W

3Way Valve

For Automatic fan coil controller, All sort of boiler, Switching to warm water, Combination air-cooling and heater

This product is control valve which have been controlled and deliver floating to the desired direct correctly.

-1¡±, 7/8¡±, 3/4¡±, 1/2¡±
-Electric-powered type (Spring return type)
-Electric-powered type (CAM,Control type)
-Manual passivity type (Driving type used a differential pressure)

Main material
-Acetal(G/F 30%) C3771

Allowable fluid temperature : 4?C~94?C
-Available voltage AC110V, AC220V
-Maximum cut off pressure : 4.5kg/cm2
-Maximum allowable pressure: 10kg/cm2

Opto Transistor Sensor

All sort of boiler, Warm wind machine, Stove,Flame sensor for range

It has been discharged infrared ray among the feature of flame, and by using the feature of flame judged there is flame or not.
Because it has a quite correspondence and accuracy, it can perceive the green flame from gas boiler and yellow flame generated from oil boiler.
It can distinguish the color of flame(green flame or yellow flame)
It is tolerant of soot and sensor capacity is outstanding, it is composed of semiconductor, it has a excellent durability.

Main material
-PPS(G/F 40%), Flame-resisting ABS

-Coverage of temperature : -25?C~85?C
-Function : Output in case of sensing the flame: less than                     4V       
-Output in case of non-sensing the flame: less than 49V
-In case of 100kl  of PULL-UP¡¯S resistance :5V of pressure voltage

Pressure S/W

For Gas ?For Air ?For Water ?For Oil

This switch has been used for controller generated air Pressure, water pressure and oil pressure etc.

-ON-OFF Type
-OFF-ON Type
-ON-OFF Type
-OFF-ON Type


For adjusting level of oil boiler, gas boiler cistern

When water in pipe is expanded according to the rise in temperature, it has been absorbed pressure.
It has been maintained a certain pressure equivalent to temperature of water in pipe
Because it has been prevented to exhaust the expanded water, lowering of the value of thermal efficiency can be prevented.

Open type(6000-30000kcal/h)

Main material

Thermal Reed Switch

Rice cooker & warmer keeping warm by electric, Fermented food, Keeping thermal water

To maintain a uniform temperature according to the usage, this product deliver and cut off(ON,Off) thermal of heater.
According to the maintaining at a uniform  temperature, to suit user¡¯s taste a uniform temperature is maintained .
(thermal control system)
It may be manufactured variable products to the
extent 35?C~80?C

Reed Switch Type

Main material
Temperature-reduced element : Mn-Zn
Permanent magnet: Iron, Barium

Coverage of running : ON OFF(It is maintained within 3?C of Diff point)
Maximum switch voltage: AC 250V
Maximum contact current : 0.7A


Heater :  -For keeping electric rice cooker&warmer
         -For preventing from freezing
Tube :   -Silicone Rubber tube
         -Silicone Rubber glass tube
Packing : -Cover packing, Gasket

Heater : -It is possible to be controlled electric capacity             voluntarily(5W~100W)
-It is possible to be controlled distribution of                                       heat and to be produced whatever shapes  
Tube :  -It is produced in compliance with user¡¯order        from superior silicone qualified for cold-resistance, heat-     resistance and electric-insulation
Packing : -It is produced in compliance with user¡¯order for covering packing of various building materials

Reducing valve

FEATUREere is an excellent pressure control function that is used         to from a cistern of a building and a high apartment to      each household.
It is graceful, light, excellent function but small.
It is possible to install to free diretion.
It can maintain a regular pressure if an exit pressure is setted once.
It is possible to maintaining a state of flow that a wide flex control limits, to be stable and minimum control function is wide.
The price is low.

MODEL   ISE 406-000
Apply fluid     Water
Maximum permissible
Pressure        10Kgf/cm2 Below
External out pressure   1~7 Kgf/cm2
Internal Pressure       17.5 Kgf/cm2
Quantity of flow to
Be controlled   7~30 I/min
Allowable temperature   Normal temperature
Allowable leakage       0
Locking method  Bolting
Material        Body    NYLON66, C3771
        Main part       SUS, EPDM, C3604
It is possible to produce others for order with above products.

Water supply valve

It is applied to a washing machine, a dish washer, a boiler, a water purifier.
A structure is simple and performance is excellent since adoption of the pilot method.
It is convenient for using owing to a wide limit of using pressure.
The price is low.




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