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Soft Gelatine Capsule Manufacturing Machine




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Electric goods

  • SF6 Automatic Sectionalizing Switch
  • Recloser
  • Automatic Sectionalizing Breaking Reclosing Switch
  • SF6 Gas Load Break Switch(pole mounted type)
  • SF6 Gas insulated Ring Main Unit
  • Fault interrupter for underground line
  • Lighting Arrester
  • Power Fuse
  • Interruter Switch

  • 28.8kV Gas Insulated Switchgear-Tank type
  • Isolated Phase Busduct
  • Pulse Code Modulation
  • Main Electric Board
  • 25.8kV Gas Insulated Switchgear-Cubicle type

  • Electric haedwares and fittings for transmission line and substation(for 154kV, 345kV, 765kV)
  • Electrics hardwares and fittings for distribution line
  • Elevators and rails for 765kV power transmission tower
  • Electric hardwares and fitting for electric railway
  • Electric hardwares and fittongs for high speed railway


  • 170kV gas Insulated Switchgear

  • Electronic digital KWH Meters(for Commercial and Residential)




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